FAQ's - Candidate Questions

What does Tickbox offer me?

At Tickbox we understand how difficult the job market is today. What’s worse is that many jobseekers spend valuable time & money applying & interviewing for jobs that, due to their risk profile status & legislation they are completely ineligible for.

Tickbox gives you the inside track on which industries require what verification checks and then compares them to your personal profile. Tickbox offers you control over your employability status.

Why should I let Tickbox verify my status?

Tickbox offers job seekers insight into how potential employers view their profiles. By understanding your personal risk profile you can take active steps toward improving your profile to make yourself more employable.

Tickbox will offer assistance in this regard. This is called being work ready!

Is my information safe?

We specialise in the safekeeping & storage of global company information. Your personal information is perfectly safe with Tickbox and is saved in your own personal vault with all your documentation.

What does Work Ready mean?

Work ready is the professional term used in the recruitment industry that indicates an individual has all the necessary qualifications but also has passed the industry & legislative risk verification checks.

Should you be non-work ready, we will offer assistance as how to become work ready by providing advice and contact details to correct failed risk verifications.

FAQ's - Client Questions

How long does it take to get results?

We offer industry standard turnaround time, if not better but where you will save time is that we offer over 40 verification checks that we store in a company vault that you have direct access too. No more digging between results from multiple vendors.

Why should I switch to Tickbox?

Tickbox offers employers the ability to store 10 fingerprints of all their employees, all their documents, ID’s, Licenses & work permits etc. and run multiple checks to avoid lapsing permits or licenses and to update criminal records or the likes.

Tickbox offers one-stop essential HR software.

What checks can be done?

Over 40 checks can be done & rerun at the touch of a button. The more common include:

  • FAIS Regulations
  • ITC checks
  • Criminal record
  • Matric/degree qualifications
  • Credit Checks
  • ID Verification
  • Permanent Residence
  • Drivers licenses
  • CCMA Claims
It takes too long to send my staff for Verification Checks!

We offer on-site verification and can have individual employees processed within 30-minutes and back to work at your premises. It is often wise to plan for all employees to get verified on the same day to avoid unnecessary call-out-fees.

The joy of the Tickbox Verification system is that they can also be done discreetly meaning top-level executives can also be seen & verified in the privacy of their offices.