Imagine if you had the inside track on all your industry relevant employee data? Now imagine if you could store, recheck & run flags on all your employees at the touch of a button?

This is exactly what Tickbox Verification Checks offers both our Clients & your Employees.

Over 40 Verification Checks

Tickbox is backed by tried & trusted Vault Technology and offers employers over 40 Verification Checks, all from a single, convenient interface at cost effective rates.

  • No more multiple vendors
  • No more waiting periods
  • All the industry specific checks you need
  • Our portable system means on-site verification

With your entire catalogue of employees & candidates stored in the Tickbox Vault, you have at your fingertips the ability to control every employee related risk profile to reduce workplace crime, protect your business from legislative requirements & base employer hiring decisions on accurate personal information.

Contact Tickbox today to find out how easy it is for us to complete an onsite, no-downtime risk verification on all your staff.

Meet the legislative or industry related risk verification standard with Tickbox!