We profile, store & rerun employee profiles to keep you safe

Every industry has set requirements for employee verification checks. They may not all be legislated as is the case with the insurance or finance industries, but the consensus is that maintaining up to date staff records will stimulate growth, reduce risk & minimize incorrect hiring for key positions.

Would you like to know how many CCMA hearings a staff member has been involved in before hiring them? You can with Tickbox! Would you like to know if a drivers license is still valid, or if an ID is legitimate.

Tickbox will hand power to the employer to make the best employment decisions based on either legislation or industry specific risk standards.

The process of employee verification today is often a long, tedious and expensive undertaking. This is no more when working with Tickbox. The benefits of Tickbox are endless but the most popular reasons for switching to Tickbox include:

  • Single vendor – We know many vendors only offer specific profile checks. This means multiple phone calls to multiple companies for multiple checks & multiple invoices, not to mention the employee profile management headache. Tickbox has direct access to offer more that 40 checks all at the same time. This means a single report, from a single vendor with all the information your HR department needs to make the best decision for you business.
  • On-site verification – Pre-employment risk profile checks are important but maintaining up to date employee profiles are often too time consuming to consider. This opens the company to increased & ongoing risk, be it workplace crime to failure to uphold legislative requirements. Tickbox will perform on-site verification checks & save employee details to the company Vault. Our on-site checks will keep staff from their posts for no more than 30-minutes, and we can offer discreet risk profile checks to include the senior executives within the firm too.
  • Re-verification – using the Tickbox Vault System we can run & rerun multiple checks without the need to interrupt your work force again. You remain at 100% productivity while we use stored data to rerun the relevant risk checks you choose. Then we send you the report!

Our on-site checks will keep staff from their posts for no more than 30-minutes

Updated profile checks are a phone call away, without disruption.

Please feel free to visit our Client FAQ page should you have any questions, alternatively make contact and we will send a team to present the Tickbox package and to answer any verification specific questions you may have.