Take control of your verification checks

Are you perfectly qualified for certain positions but find yourself unable to break into the career game?

The reason could be that you are failing your legislative or industry specific risk profile assessment.

Failing the assessment could stem from a poor credit history, a criminal record or some minor & easily correctable misdemeanor. Failing to know your Verification Status has never been your fault, but now with Tickbox we give you the power to know & actively take steps to change your risk profile.

We answer many of your questions on our Candidate FAQ Page but in essence we want you to register an appointment with us to allow you to see how potential employers view your profile, and then guide you how best to improve your work ready score.

Work Ready

The term Work Ready essentially means you:

  • Meet the required qualification standards for any given position
  • Pass the legislative/industry/company specific risk assessment checks
  • Have a solid, verified, quality curriculum vitae

Reports indicate that most candidates are not work ready due to risk assessment failure. Tickbox aims to change that to get you climbing the career ladder.

Resume Assistance

Not only will we at Tickbox offer our candidates advice and counselling on how to correct poor risk assessment scores but we will also assist you to build a professional resume. This resume can be attached with your work ready verification status to make employment easier to come by.

Your Risk Pack

Furthermore we will provide you with a complimentary service of providing you with certified copies of your original documents saving you time and money in your quest of finding a job.

Although we are not able to guarantee you in finding employment and have no control of the results, you are one step closer in taking your career into your own hands. We have partners we can refer you to who could assist in rehabilitation based on the outcome of your results.

A continued service at reduced pricing to keep you updated on your Risk Profile every 6 months... Tickbox offers candidates the most comprehensive advantage in the workplace.

Call us to today to book your assessment appointment.